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with Maryam Munir

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  • Anokhi Moms
    Sun, Nov 08
    Zoom Meetings
    Nov 08, 2020, 12:30 PM EST – Dec 13, 2020, 4:30 PM EST
    Zoom Meetings
  • Anokhay Couples
    Sun, Nov 08
    Zoom Meetings
    Nov 08, 2020, 12:00 PM – Dec 13, 2020, 4:00 PM
    Zoom Meetings
    Join me on this 6-week journey with your spouse!


6 Weeks to becoming a kinder, happier parent!

Week 1: Emotional Regulation

Week 2: Respectful Boundary Setting

Week 3: Relationship/Connection Building

Week 4: Excelling at Boundary Setting

Week 5: Meeting Your and Your Kids' Needs

Week 6: Staying Steadfast in Respectful Parenting


- SIX Zoom calls with me! 

- SIX Weeks of round-the-clock Whatsapp group support with me! 

- 24 Exclusive videos I've made just for this program! (same content in English and Urdu!) 

- 1-hour FREE individual call with me at any time of your choice 

- Multiple handouts/"cheat sheets"/ printables for you to keep and reproduce for your personal use!

-Extended community support: Stay in touch with your group even after the program is over (independent

of me) ($ Priceless!)


                                           $350 or PKR40,000 only (payable in two payments) 

                                           $450 or PKR 55,000/couple (payable in two payments)

Take another $50 off for a one-time payment (not applicable to PKR since rates are already discounted)

*PKR rates only available to current residents of Pakistan


*Until spots are filled.

First of all why Anokhay? In Urdu it means "different" and is sometimes used in a derogatory way to mock someone. So many of my clients tell me that when others around them see them parenting respectfully, they say, "What are you doing? Who parents like this? Are you 'anokhay'?" and so I thought, why not own that label! Being different and being a change-maker is not a bad thing when you're breaking generational abuse cycles. So let that word empower us- anokhay we are! 

The Anokhay Parents© program, led by me, Maryam Munir, is designed to be a life-changing program that can take you from a parenthood filled with yelling, hitting, controlling to a motherhood filled with joy, compassion and confidence. What's included in this small-group six-week coaching program? 

  • SIX weeks of instruction, guidance and coaching provided by me. You will be told exactly what to work on for each week! 

  • SIX live zoom video calls (one each week on Sunday at 11am New York time or 8pm Pakistan time (moms only group) and 12:30pm or 9:30pm Pakistan time (couples only group) to track progress and share concerns with me and other parents like yourself. 

  • At least TWENTY-FOUR short videos (four each week) with actionable plans to work on that you get to keep forever. 

  • 24/7 WhatsApp support group for the ENTIRE six weeks with the small group and myself included. You can share your struggles and roadblocks, and I'll be providing live guidance and encouragement. 

  • Other than the weekly zoom calls, everything can be done at your own pace so no need to add more stress to your life! 

  • One FREE 1-hour individual phone call with me to be used any time after the program is finished! 

  • Extended support from your group of parents even after the program ends! A like-minded community is priceless on the path to becoming a respectful parent and you will come to love yours as the past groups have!

As transformative as this journey is, I have to make sure whoever joins me is in the right state of mind and READY for this transformation and commitment to her family! 



This program is for you, if you're a parent who is:

  • Sick and tired of saying the same thing to your kids a billion times.

  • Fighting with them over everything.

  • Dealing with intense anger and tantrums

  • Ashamed of your own anger and aggression

  • Afraid that your children aren't confident

  • Worried that your children are socially inept

  • Concerned about their motivation

I give you a 100% money-back guarantee, that after this program, you will insha'Allah:

  • Set boundaries confidently and kindly 

  • Get cooperation from your kids

  • Stop battling with your kids

  • Enjoy your kids

  • Feel in control of your own emotions

  • Feel confident in helping your children with their emotional regulation

  • Finally have the kind of relationship with your kids that you've always dreamed of!

Application for Anokhay Parents' Program
What is your relationship like with yourself?
What are your kids' ages? Choose all that apply.
If you're a mom, do you work?
Do you live in a joint family system?
What time on Sunday suits you better for the Zoom call with me?