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The Joy Of Living In The Moment With Your Children.

Have you ever been to a new country, city or even bazaar?

Everything seems new and interesting.

You want to pause and look at everything.

If it’s a new bazaar, you want to examine things by holding them in your hand, flipping them over.

If it’s a new city, you stop and appreciate the way the houses look a little different. You wanna see how they do their lawns and gardens.. what are those flowers you’ve never seen before but everyone has them here?

If it’s a new country, even the roads look different. Everything feels thrilling!

These experiences are all very intriguing. You want to pause and take them all in. Hard to just keep on driving/walking.

There’s also a certain thrill in your heart. You’re mesmerized. Enchanted. It’s almost magical.

Who on earth would just want to whirl by all this new and fascinating stuff? It’s worth a pause. It’s worth a look.

Life moves slowly as you take in every sight and sound. And smile to yourself every now and then. What a joy!

That’s how ALL toddlers and even kids of all ages are.

For them... LIFE is one big, never ending and fascinating journey!

Every piece of rock is worth examining. There are new and interesting things at every corner. Nothing must be missed! Even things explored yesterday must be examined again.

And in that way, kids are really, kind of amazing.

They’re never in a hurry. They have nowhere to be. Time has no meaning. Life must be lived moment by moment. Nothing must be missed!

And then there’s us.

We swoop in with our agendas... school, grocery shopping, jobs, parties and so on... they never asked for any of it.

They were just here to enjoy the minute they exist in.

WE are the ones always seeking the NEXT minute. Always riding our flying horses!

We pull them in all these directions... twisting their arms to drag them behind us...

Why should they care?

Their immature brains are not ready for understanding our agendas. They have no concept of time and space. And that’s not their fault.

So next time you’re getting irritated at your child’s failure to recognize how much YOU need to be somewhere.. pause and remind yourself that you’re the adult, and must make your brain meet theirs instead of expecting theirs to do things it’s not capable of.

Yes, you have to get to work. They have to get to school.

Give you both plenty of time before heading out somewhere. Allow them to make choices. Slow yourself down.

When giving time and choices is not an option, let them know. Talk to them. Explain kindly why you’re in a hurry. Not through gritted teeth. Let them know when you WILL be able to slow down for them. If you see them pausing to admire something... let them know you can come back to it later.

Learn the joy of living in the moment with your children. It truly is a gift. 💕

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