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What Kids Really Are and Aren't

What kids are NOT:

1- Something to mould.

2- Something to polish.

3- Something to be fixed

4- Our possessions.

5- Our vehicles to prove something to the world

6- Our projects

7- Our trophies/pride/honor

8- An extension of ourselves

9- A part of ourselves

10- Simple creatures to be programmed with rewards and punishments or “positive reinforcements”

What kids ARE:

1- Individual human beings

2- Complex human beings

3- Inherently innocent human beings

4- People (who deserve respect and autonomy)

5- People with heavily under construction brains

6- People who 100% never want to hurt us or make our lives hard

7- People who have struggles and need our help

8- People who love and adore us like no one else ever will.

9- People who deserve all our unconditional love and acceptance.

10- People who, just like ANY other person on planet earth, respond BEST to being understood with compassion and empathy.

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